Someone else

(Image Courtesy – Google)

Dark thoughts,
Dark night,
Everything got so dark
Kinda love darkness

Not the mind,
Not the heart,
Something sure torn apart
Happiness was my guess…

Not so happy to run this life
It’s too early to close these eyes
Gotta lend me for once your help
Cuz I wanna be someone else….

Hear me out,
For tonight,
Even convicted got delight
To make their one last wish

Lots of pain,
Lots of cries,
Suffered through hell lot of advice
Let me be someone else please

Wanna be someones Pride
Wanna be someones best
Someone that nothing features like me
I wanna be someone else

Someone who’s perfect in every sense
Someone that can bring back lost smiles
Someone that values good relationships
Or someone that’s nothing like me…

© Danish Sheikh

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