To Begin is the Key

(Image Courtesy – Google)

You say warrior!

I’m not even Brave

Empty tombstone

Lying in my grave.

Driven by passion,

Budding step dazzled,

Holding up losses

indebted to my name.

Those were lies?

I must not accept.

Hate the motivation

that made me feel great.

What’s excuse now?

Can’t die being afraid

Miles ain’t enough

there’s tonnes lot to gain.

Waiting for a reason?

Maybe for a sign?

Maybe a shooting star?

or a state of calm mind?

Every day can’t be same

Somedays can cause pain

Time won’t hold back


Rise to rooster

Make the sweat fall

Laziness in the eyes?

Must be a wrong call.

Gear up all fears,

Climb on board,

Someone has been longing

to return me back life with terms of my own.

©Danish Sheikh

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