(Photo courtesy : Google)

Does it really matter am I matured or not,
Or its just that you want me to be a trending topic hot.

My age really doesn’t even really matter to me,
As long as I wish to become what I wanted to be.

Undesirable dreams & hopes of people came upon me,
Since they want me in a future that they had seen.

How’d I tell them that they’d mind their business,
I’m talented in my own ways but for you not a great genius.

I won’t get engaged in the social stereotype,
I ain’t a priest to morally get myself hyped.

It’s like I’m rabbit and someone turtle in the race,
I don’t even fuckin’ care who’s gonna get that first place.

I ain’t gonna be failed you better note it down,
Even KFC needed time to get famous in the town.

Even if I achieved my success at my 30’s
I’ll be smiling in my life without even saying cheese.

So please leave me alone in my sweet life’s dream,
I know its not that hard as much as than it seems.

Struggles maybe many but it’s fruits are so tasty,
It needs a little time as it not grows so hasty.

……….. SHARZIL SHEIKH ………..

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