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When I turned to my 18 I witnessed my first fail,

The feeling was so dizzy as I got prisoned in the jail.

Only reason I thought & wanted to tell you this,

Time isn’t so late to achieve what you’ve already missed.

Getting over things I got to learn this fact,

You’re born in a life where there’s no tit for tat.

Get warm your hands and make eyes so wild,

Just like a burning cigarette with a taste that’s mild.

Make your strong efforts do the rest work for you,

You’ll definitely witness a path that success leads to.

Be the king of the world that you’ll make,

Become the toughest that not even a hammer can break.

Studying will get tough if you’ll simply say,


Not even god can help you on this myth,

Just be practical or else It’ll be your attempt sixth.

Enjoying youth life is just another dirty trick,

Where you’re controlled by greedy hungry sins.

It’s your call to be bad or the person good,

Let’s face the fact you can change that bloody filthy mood.

In your early 18’s you’ll accidentally meet some guys,

who try to fill your mind with all wrong advice.

That’ll be the time for you to say goodbye,

To their nasty company who treats you like a toy.

Acknowledge your talent and build such great empire,

that has tall big walls covered with enthusiastic learning fire.

You’ll get recognized if you start believing in YOU,

Someday Increase in your fan base will be a billion or two.

Don’t blame your luck and stop making fuss,

You’re not fuckin stupid to get wrong in bus.

Easy way that lies before your eyes,

Has a deep mud hole after walking some miles.

Try to be harder and make yourself so bright,

To understand difference between what’s wrong & right!

No one’s gonna be help to get you out of fight,

Cause everyone is busy in enjoying your worst sight.

They’ll offer you support only in your good times,

But when time is bad, they’ll watch your lonely crying.

Bring your position to touch that level,

Where you’re respected just like an Officer Naval.

Now stop listening to society’s useless trash,

You ain’t a Psychiatrist, who can earn by charging them cash.

Search for the buddies who have faith in you,

I know they’re hard to find like a deserted Pirate Crew.

Even if you’re alone be calm & stop being afraid,

Give your life’s best shot, one day you’ll be counted as one of those great…..