In the name of you…

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Of all these years
All you did was hurt me
I kept on begging
I kept on pleading

But you never heard me
All my tears kept on wondering
Have you ever loved me?
Will you ever love me??

Is this my time?
A heart full of grief
Back for my love?
Or for sympathies
It knows very well
that I’m a fool
I’d lost myself then
I’ll loose me again
In the name of you …

For one last time
Let these feelings flow through my veins
It better burns me
Numb to this hurting

Let this be the time
To bid farewell and say goodbyes
Better not returning
It won’t be worth it

Open those gates
Let me be free
from all the reasons
& world full of dreams.
Relieve my heart
I’m happy with one
You taught me to love
It’s enough for my soul
In the name of you…

© Danish Sheikh

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