Your smell is like that of little rose,
that I bought back from the corner street store; your eyes are deep like a sea shore, looking at which I wish to live a life more.

Breaking through the time I got this to know, you’re the one before whom my head surely bow; your smile can make my heartbeat slow, no one can stop this cause it’s my private dream show.

Your touch of skin is very soft as petals, that can even meltdown hardest part of metal; I want my life to shift from bad & be better, that’s the only reason I want us to be settled.

My morning shall start with your cute sweet face, for which I can bring even a gift from the space; we together can win life’s every cruel race, love at first sight has been only my case.

Creating a world full of truly good deeds, Everything in my world will make you so pleased; the only thing that had increased my greed, Is that one day you’ll come to my suite.

All the bad taste has gone out missed, from the moment I got to taste your lips; I swear I firstly tried only for the cheeks, trust me I got caught into hearts dirty tricks.

I can be the sun rays for your morning smile, I can be the moonlight for your dinning time; I can be the one who’ll offer glasses of wine, making you so drunk that you’ll forever be mine.

Whatever fortune god has written for me, I’ll surely become what you wanted me to be; with all motivations that I got for free, I’ll make you so happy one day you’ll see.

In those late night dream where I used to come, even in the hardest time you enjoyed that fun; I may not come from tonight you better this learn, cause I want to be there when your sleep get’s done.

©️ Danish Sheikh