My emotions are so high, when you say me that goodbye;   I can never ever leave you, If I’m cloud, you’re my sky.

I don’t ever wanna lose you, You’re all that I’ve got; If you too like me as I do, let’s tie that little knot.

Let’s begin the 7 rounds, that get us into bound; under a relation that’s so sound, with a queen that I’ve found.

No no why are you upset, let me repeat that for myself; I’m one of those great guys, with a nature that’s too shy.

I can promise you freedom, that you never get in kingdom; which was made by general people, who would like to pinch with needles.

Little bit slow down on my way, to get cleared in CA; I thought loving you was easy, but it comes with huge pay.

Want to kiss you every night, whether we’re good or engaged in fight; need your touches & hugs every time, even in fever or health tight.

Love you love you oh my dear, someday gonna loose you all I fear; whatever people try to fill in you’re mind, at least try  out let me hear.

I don’t don’t want you to be sad, your kids will one day call me dad;         they want you be so happy, or else they’ll get on me so mad.

Your smile can make my day, whether in colds or in sunrays; my teardrops can be stopped, after looking at my bae.

Grant me permission for a week, please let me pull your cheeks; your cuteness can do magic, that everyone thought was myth.

Want to cut that cake with knife, of which you’ll get first slice; that moment you’d get to know, I accept you as my wife.

©️ Danish Sheikh