The way you smile, enforced me to dial,
Phone No. That I’ve found for a while;

Your sexy walk, makes me talk,
Your presence can stop my heart beating clock.

Glossy lips, that wants me to stick,
Has shattered my heart with you’re naughty tricks.

Adorable eyelashes, can cause clashes,
Without even fire they can turn them ashes.

Your blooming skin, having hardness thin,
Killed all the my evil brutal thoughts & sins.

Dark brown eyes, that only implies,
No matter what,
my love for you only multiplies.

The only time, you made me cry,
Was that nights innocent little lie.

Misunderstandings, can break many things,
Even a relation that depends on weak strings.

Make me one promise, you won’t get pissed ,
Even if we have to stay at a place that’s leased.

By becoming rich, as fast as ostrich,
Want to gift you a house that’s facing beach.

I’ll make you proud, in the middle of crowd,
By crowning the queen that I have found.

On the wedding day, you’ll clap and say,
The future that you dreamt of , is on his way.

©️ Danish Sheikh